From the Nature’s lap

In the midst of the sky,
Even clouds do lie…
With the river waters flowing,
Even the rocks are canoeing…
The greenery of tall standing trees,
With the leaves whistles, when it breeze…
The chirping of the birds from the world so high,
And the peacocks being too shy..
The winds blowing with a speed,
Wondering about the roads untaken that where will it lead…
With ticking of the time,
From six to nine..
From the summers and the springs,
To the Autumn’s and winters..
From a ray of hope and light,
To the rainbows sight…
The sun rising with a shine,
Seems it’s morning time…
To the seed that grows into a sprout when
watered right,
Nature surely has mesmerizing views that delight…
The known dusty paths and passages
Making way for us from ages..
For the journey thats unending,
With the messages through nature which god’s sending..